Meghan Barnard


"Can we talk about how much I LOVE yoga, traveling the world and white sandy beaches?" 


I’ll  admit I am a health freak, an obsessive label reader, and a green juice fanatic. Riddle me a medical, or nutritional conundrum to investigate, and I am all over it!  Curating fun yoga events, and retreats set to the sounds of an original playlist energizes me, and i’m down for anything good vibes and beach tides. To my boys I’m the chef, to my friends I’m the listener and to my man, well, I’m the Megzilla”. 

You might find me in a class breaking into a random song and dance or hugging you, but I will also dig into your story to discover what makes you tick. What’s your story? Tell me your joy and your pain. I’m wide open to discuss.


I don’t know about you, but when I discovered yoga I wasn’t looking for it. I met a boy who was in the Air Force and fell madly in love. We raised two amazing sons and we moved around A LOT. I was attempting to find a sanity break and free yoga was offered at the base gym. I had never practiced yoga but it seemed similar enough to my background in dance. I could give it a go,  Sneak in, sneak out, moving on, nothing to see here folks. Am I right? 


But here is what I discovered, with each class I began re-acquainting myself to my personal truths and every time I rolled out my yoga mat, I began edging closer to my authentic self. Yoga took hold and showed me the of center of gravity in my body and mind that I didn’t realize I had been neglecting. I allowed myself to be vulnerable, without expectations and I discovered a freedom in my breath and body that was familiar to me from my years of dance training yet different because it wasn’t competitive, it was chill.


I realized from being a massage therapist the anatomical cues spoken by yoga teachers were keys to help unlock stuck parts of a body. I intuitively understood the sequencing and flow of a class because it was like choreography! I was in effect, laying the ground work of re-inventing myself using all the tools I had from my past to assist me for the future.


Breath by breath, posture by posture, I learned. I was present and fully alive and I knew this was what i wanted to do; teach other people this magic. To help others find their flow, stand in their truth, overcome their obstacles and maybe get back to kicking a little ass in their lives.


The past 9 years have been spent in a variety of yoga trainings and workshops. I have instructed at a handful of beautiful studios, and run a successful one of my own. Every person I have had the privledge of flowing with, teaching and learning from has left an indelible part of themselves in the tapestry of my life. I am grateful for all the lessons learned along the way and for the amazing friendships I have now that continue to sustain me 


Formally trained in Power Yoga with Karen and Sean Conley of Amazing Yoga, and what I call “The Mothership,” I’ve taught well over 1,000 classes as an ERYT 200. Experienced in a variety of forms; from Yin to Advanced, I aim to guide a wide range of clients with individual abilities in a safe and transformative practice. It is my mission to speak the language of yoga to various generations through my fun and hands on approach to teaching and i’ll meet you right where you are at.


Its so very meaningful to me when my students have to say,


“Meghan has helped me discover a love for yoga, and set me on my way to a true practice. Her meditative words calm my frantic mind and bring my focus where it should be.”


“Her enthusiasm and artistic soul is infectious. She has taken me on an amazing journey and i’m so happy with the progress in my yoga practice and my overall heath.


“Meghan’s flows are rhythmic and challenging. Her love for each person that comes to their mat is evident as she welcomes, encourages and guides her students.”


That’s my vibe guys. I am about living my best, most authentic life and I’m looking for people that want to join in the fun!


Come hang with us we are a lively crew, and no matter where you are on your yoga journey, we’ll make you feel right at home.