Can we talk about how much I love yoga, traveling the world and white sand against a cobalt sea.  Curating lively yoga events, and retreats to the rhythm of an original playlist energizes me, and I’m down for anything good vibes and beach tides. As an experienced teacher and student in a variety of forms; I have instructed at a handful of beautiful studios and created a successful one of my own. I aim to guide a wide range of clients with individual abilities in a safe and transformative practice. It is my mission to make the practice of yoga approachable for others to discover their power, stand in their truth and overcome obstacles through my hands on and empowering process. 

Together we will create Peace and Yoga.

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I often refer to myself as a recovering perfectionist. Meaning that I mindfully, daily, give up the arduous journey of attempting to measure up and be and do everything, perfectly. As if there was some perfection finish line and I was going to get there, perfectly! Can you relate? As a psychotherapist over the past 20 years, I’ve worked with countless numbers of people on the perfectionism treadmill leading a life of comparison, anxiously trying to please and impress others, robed of their true joy and genuine connection with self and others. Facilitating workshops that lead to deep self-exploration, self-acceptance [imperfections and all], self-compassion, and a life of love and connection in the direction of one’s values is my passion.  

Together we will create Peace and Connection.



I am a lover of the arts, a student of the world, a momma bear and a passionate warrior. The expression of my creative voice has aided my personal healing through my most traumatic life experiences. I studied studio art, art history and art therapy. My work with youth in crisis to heal suffering through art was one of the most pivotal moments in my studies. Art is embedded in my daily life and It provides an alternate lens in which to find beauty in the everyday.  My desire is to create an experience that is self empowering, which helps individuals realize AND actualize their potential. We have all that we need within us... sometimes we need a gentle guide, sometimes a powerful push. 

Together we will create Peace and Art.